Do you love Leeds? Do you want to work with others to transform our city and communities? Can we make politics work for the people again?

We (the Green Party in ‘Hunslet and Riverside’*) are all regular people, who live in the heart of the community here, who love our city, and have for many many years worked hard with others to make good things happen (click here). We’re all fairly new to politics – but are committed to listening to you, being a strong local voice, and working with you for positive change.

Huge THANKS to everyone who’s joined with our campaign for change here in south/central Leeds, over the past few years. We’re working year-round with a very wide range of people across these communities, to make a difference – and offer a positive credible alternative to the tired old political establishment. And we’re edging very close now to winning the local (City Council) elections**.

Many people are fed up with the big old political parties, and the way they’ve dominated and strangled our political system for so long. And whatever you think of national politics*** (and we think it’s a mess), we need change here on our doorstep. Get in touch anytime to get involved – and work with us to break through, and start turning our city and local communities around for good. THANK YOU.

* ‘Hunslet and Riverside’ is the name of the Leeds City Council ward formerly known as ‘City and Hunslet’. It includes Beeston Hill, Hunslet, and much of the city centre. Read more here.

** We’ve run active campaigns in every local (City Council) election since 2015, each time coming 2nd, and getting a fast-growing vote share: 43% in 2019, 34% in 2018, 27% in 2016, and 23% in 2015 (there was no local election in 2017).

*** To find out why local politics and local elections are very different to national politics and elections, and why many members and voters from other parties (including Labour) support us in the local elections, click here.