Woman’s ‘childish’ dinner sparks debate as people say it’s worthy of ‘divorce’


A woman has divided opinions after sharing a picture of her dinner, sparking a huge debate about how “beige” is was.

The woman, known as Paige, shared a snap of the meal she served to her boyfriend with her 500 followers on Twitter.

“Some may say wifey material some may say childish,” she wrote in her post alongside an image of the dish in question, reports Daily Star.

But the ‘beige’ dinner divided opinions as people slammed it for being so “unhealthy”.

The meal featured turkey Twizzlers, a mini margarita pizza, onion rings, a potato waffle, chips, turkey dinosaurs, beans, alphabetti spaghetti, chicken nuggets, and spring rolls.

She served the meal with a nice big glass of orange juice, and a selection of condiments like spicy sriracha mayo, tomato ketchup and salad cream – what a combination.

The post quickly went viral, racking up almost 800 retweets and 20,000 comments.

One person tagged their friend and wrote: “Our perfect kind of tea.”

“Heaven,” remarked another person.

Another comment read: “How bangin’ does that look.”

A third asked: “Why isn’t there a takeaway that sells scran like this?”

But others were horrified as one person branded the meal “uncultured.”

“If that’s what my wife makes me I’m getting a divorce,” said a brutal Twitter user.

Someone else remarked: “That it’s the worlds unhealthiest dinner – apart from the baked beans!”

And one person, who didn’t hold back, put: “Not childish. I just refuse to believe any caring partner would prepare this simply due to how unhealthy it is. That’s (and I’m estimating) almost 3000 calories. Almost 300g carbs, 135 fat, 110 protein. And the sodium and trans fat levels, Christ. You’ll both die young.”